Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bucket list

Tonight I was sitting at my home desk listening to the monotone lull of an online class lecture via podcast. Well I couldn't handle looking at PowerPoint slides anymore so I started creating my ultra running bucket list. The nice thing about a bucket list is that you can add to it anytime. It doesn't have a deadline, well unless you account for what you accomplished by the time your dead, like something that you have at work or for school. But for me it is still a big step for me to put all of the races and runs on one sheet and this gives me something to cross off and see the progress that I am aiming for. For the next year I had hoped to run a 50 K trail run but I dont know how that will work with me trying to get into a nurse practitioner program.

As for my training and exercising in general I have been doing a lot of varying in what I do. The nice part is the clothes that I wear are fitting a lot better. I have not gotten much faster in my running but I can tell that I am in much better shape. I rode my bike to work one day and I was not sore and I was able to bike home that night with out being sore. I was able to tell that my heart rate stayed much lower than it had in the past. But for this week my goal is to increase my run time and in turn the distance that I am running.

Just to let you know that my goal is to post about once a week from now on. Other random thoughts that I have out there are I will be doing some gear reviews about some of the gear that I have been using and how it fits us bigger guys. If anyone has anything special that they would like for me to review and tryout let me know and I will see what I can do. Til next time...

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