Friday, March 4, 2011

winter training?

I do not know if you want to call what I do as training. I took some time off from running through the months of November and January but then I had a friend that has been running hardcore for the last 18 months or so tell me that he was going to retry the Laurel highlands ultra this June and I am going to crew for him and his dad. I have been studying up on how to crew for someone and it sounds a lot like being a nurse, feed them,encourage them, don't let them quit or give up, take care of their needs and let them do the hard work. In this case it is running and not healing. I have started training indoors and have started using a run/walk program that is helping me get over the mental issues I have of running indoors. I have the hardest time running on the treadmill. But with the hocking hills Indian run coming up in September, I need to get moving. I plan on running a 20K. so a little less then a half marathon. But this is my graduation to trail running. Should be interesting. Til next time I will have more.

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